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Educating Owners

Dr. Ian Dunbar, world renowned Animal Behaviorist, Veterinarian, and Author, has recently written two books for the Open Paw program, BEFORE you get your Puppy, and AFTER you get your Puppy. His publishing company, James and Kenneth Publishers has generously donated these books for prospective adopters, existing pet owners, and volunteers through Open Paw.

Coming Soon!
BEFORE You Get Your Kitten and AFTER You Get Your Kitten, Adopting an Adult Dog and Adopting an Adult Cat. Check with your local veterinarian or pet store for dates of availability.

In order to help new guardians and dogs settle easily into their lives together, Open Paw offers "The First Two Weeks with Your New Dog."

Adopters Anonymous
Do you have questions about your pet? Do you sometimes get stressed out by behavior or training issues? Many new and current owners do. Open Paw is here to help.

Adopters Anonymous provides pet adopters FREE advice from animal trainers and behavior counselors so that prospective owners can learn how to teach their pets good habits from the start and current owners can learn how to retrain cats and dogs with bad habits.

We can save thousands of animals from being surrendered by giving owners the information they need to teach their pets how to behave appropriately!

Location: Board Room
Berkeley East Bay Humane Society
2700 9th Street at Carleton
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: Free public service
Dates in 2003: February 13, 27
March 13, 27
April 10, 24
May 8, 22
June 12, 26


Adopters Anonymous Flyer pdf






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