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The most important thing we can do at the shelter is help the dogs and cats feel better about being in a kennel and people approaching their kennel. When volunteers get involved in our Open Paw University, they learn these fundamentally important skills on the 1st day of their volunteer experience. This has an immediate impact on the shelter animals. As volunteers become familiar with these principles and techniques, they will learn more and more complex animal training methods in the Open Paw Four-step training program.

We want to make the Open Paw Four Level Training Program the national standard for shelter workers (directors, staff, and volunteers), such that (1) shelter staff received requisite training and (2) shelters may become educational centers for practical (hands on) training of prospective, recent, and longtime pet guardians, and centers for Adopters Anonymous, the Advanced Behavior Lectures, and video nights, in other words, that the shelters are an enjoyable and informative place to visit.

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