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Items you will need to buy for your kitten or adult cat

If you are planning to bring a new cat or kitten into your home, you will need the following supplies:
Food – Cats, especially male cats, commonly come down with “Feline Urologic Syndrome”, a build-up of crystals in the urine caused by too much magnesium. For this reason, it is important that you feed your cat a premium food that is low in magnesium. If you choose a dry food diet, be sure to supplement with some wet food; the added moisture in wet food will reduce the risk of urinary crystals.
Cat Box – You will need one cat box for each cat in your household, plus one extra. Cats prefer a large open box without a top on it.
Cat Litter – Cats have very strong surface preferences for elimination substrates. There are a lot of choices out there. Studies have shown that more cats prefer a fine-grained unscented clumping cat litter. However, if you've adopted an adult cat, you may need to do some preference testing to find the type of litter your cat is already accustomed to.
Scratching Posts – Cats need to scratch. Cats use scratching posts to stretch their super flexible backs and to shuck off their dead nail husks – not to sharpen their claws, as many people think. Provide your cat with both upright and flat scratch pads. Scratching posts are best placed near favorite resting places and in corners.
Collars and tags – Even if your cat is indoor-only, cats are crafty escape artists, so it is advisable to buy both a collar and tag bearing your address and phone number, or have your cat micro-chipped. When shopping for a collar, avoid the break-away variety, usually the first thing to go if your cat does get outside. Cat bells can cause quite a bit of irritation to the cat’s sensitive hearing, and are not recommended.
Nail Clippers – You will need to trim your cat’s nails on an average of every two weeks. There are several types available. A non-guillotine type is usually easier on you both.
Toys – Cats are playful and inquisitive animals that require mental stimulation. Provide toys, which are available in a host of varieties.

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