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Materials for Implementing Open Paw

Open Paw Shelter Manual
The shelter manual has step-by-step, highly detailed information on everything from U C Davis recommended cleaning protocols, to example staff schedules, to recommendations for staff training, intake evaluations, volunteer coordinator guides, adoption counselor guides, and much, much more. Available here:

Four Level Training Program for People and Dogs
The Four Level Training booklet is a detailed, step-by-step guide for volunteers and staff learning the four level dog training program. Includes detailed answers to frequently asked questions and highly specific guides for each level of training. Available here:

Open Paw for Shelters 4-Level Program DVD
Open Paw co-founder Kelly Gorman Dunbar demonstrates all of the training tips and techniques included in the Open Paw Shelter Program. Suitable for both staff and volunteers, the program includes: Minimum Mental Health Requirements, Classical Conditioning, All-or-None Reward Training, Environmental Enrichment, Lure Reward Training, Kennel Safety, Handling, Progressive Desensitization, Rules for Tug of War, Polite Greetings, Off Leash Training, Loose Leash Walking, and much more!   4-Level Program DVD.

More Open Paw DVDs
Open Paw co-founders Dr. Ian Dunbar and Kelly Gorman, CPDT speak about various aspects of the Open Paw shelter program, including overviews of the Four Levels of Training, tips for implementing the program in your shelter, a discussion of frequently asked questions, and much more.  Open Paw DVDs

Open Paw For Shelters
This is our yahoo list; with over 80 members all across the U.S. and abroad, shelter staff and volunteers interested in implementing the program can ask questions, get advice, and trade ideas with one another. Those on the list range from volunteers who want to present the very idea of OP to their shelter, to those who have gone forward and implemented large portions of the program or the whole program as a pilot, to those who have most of a program up and running. Members have had success obtaining grants and starting pilot programs, and can help with all sorts of innovative ideas. You can join here:

Open Paw Shelter Workshops
Open Paw offers an intensive, 3-day workshop at your location, addressing your facility's unique layout and needs. The workshops are held by professional, credentialed trainers who are Open Paw experts with experience in shelter management.This is a very efficient way to jump start your program, educate and train many people at once, and overcome the challenges that your shelter, specifically, is experiencing. This is a hands on, detailed how-to for your shelter, focusing on implementation. It is best to work with no more than 30 people.The cost is $600/day plus hotel & airfare. Contact Kelly Gorman at [email protected] for more information or to arrange a workshop for your shelter.

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