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When Open Paw began in January of 2000, we dreamed of addressing the unwanted animal problem in a whole new way, arming communities worldwide with valuable user and animal friendly training and behavior information with the goal of keeping cats and dogs out of shelters in the first place. 
Our primary goal is to provide people and their pets with the tools they need to develop lasting and successful relationships with one another and with their communities. We’re here to help prospective and existing owners learn what to expect from their pet, how to prepare for their pet and how to train their pet easily to express its dogginess or kittiness appropriately in a home. 
Our secondary goal is to turn every animal shelter into a community education center. At these shelters, every puppy/dog or kitten/cat will learn basic manners and be housetrained, chew-toy/scratching post trained, and socialized to people and other animals. Shelters will also serve as learning centers for the human community, as they will be pleasant, friendly, quiet places for people to go to see basic training and behavior modeled in the daily routines of the shelter. 

So many animals are surrendered simply because their people don’t know what to expect when they get a companion animal. Consequently, they are unprepared to teach their pet where to eliminate, what to chew, claw and scratch, and when to vocalize, etc. For example, people are not mad at the dog for peeing, they’re mad because the dog peed on the carpet!  With our innovative pet-and-people education program, we hope to help make every animal’s first home her happily-ever-after home. 

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