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Most shelter animals were once perfectly normal, well-behaved, loveable and loved puppies and kittens. Yet many are surrendered to shelters or abandoned when they are six months to two years old. Why have these animals become unwanted? In most cases, because of behavior, temperament, or training problems, all of which could easily have been prevented. Many of these problems are already well established before three months of age - that is, before owners normally come into contact with animal professionals who could help them.

The solution is to educate prospective pet owners before they get their pets. By teaching people how to select the best companion animal for their families what to expect and what to watch for, and teaching them variety of user-and-animal-friendly training techniques and preventive measures, we can help people to raise their new puppies and kittens into perfect dogs and cats. Thus, animals are happily kept in their original homes and many fewer animals end up in shelters. Preventing the problem is the only permanent solution.

To accomplish this, Open Paw advertises and distributes FREE educational materials to prospective and existing pet owners and veterinary students. We offer the Open Paw Community Lecture Series, an informative, fun, and FREE series of talks by renowned behaviorists and trainers giving crucial advice to potential and existing pet owners in the community. By championing this preventive approach, we help to ensure that animals do not become unwanted in the first place.

Dr. Ian Dunbar, world renowned Animal Behaviorist, Veterinarian, and Author, has recently written two books for the Open Paw program, BEFORE you get your Puppy, and AFTER you get your Puppy. His publishing company, James and Kenneth Publishers has generously donated BEFORE YOU GET YOUR PUPPY for free download through Open Paw (coming soon).

In order to help new guardians and dogs settle easily into their lives together, Open Paw offers "The First Two Weeks with Your New Dog."

Are you thinking about adding a dog or cat to your family? Here's a list of the most important considerations to make before you decide on your new companion.

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Open Paw Community Lecture Series
As part of our commitment to reducing the surrender and abandonment of unwanted dogs and cats, Open Paw offers the Community Lecture Series featuring Dr. Ian Dunbar and Kelly Gorman, CPDT.

This ongoing series of six lectures offers FREE advice to the community about the most important aspects of selecting, introducing, and raising companion animals.
Lectures are held on the last Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.

Download our flyers:
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Keller Williams Realty
1288 9th St
Corner of Gilman and 9th
Berkeley, CA 94710

Time: 7:00pm
2005 Schedule:

January 25: Dog/Dog Aggression
February 22: Choosing and Preparing for a New Dog or Cat
March 22: Dogs and Children
April 26: Home alone!






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