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What We're Up To

Day-to-day shelter operations usually consist of the collection, routine care, and re-homing of unwanted cats and dogs. But shelters don't have to be limited to that role! Open Paw champions a much more involved and active role for shelters in their communities. We help make shelters into places that focus on education and prevention, places where potential and existing pet owners can learn about training and behavior in an enjoyable, user-friendly way so that they can avoid the tragedy of surrendering a pet.

Rather than limiting shelter operations to the routine care of resident animals, Open Paw has devised protocols so that the process of rehabilitating and re-homing the shelter animals can be used as an educational opportunity for prospective and existing pet owners in the community. Open Paw's shelter program provides practical experience and education to shelter staff and volunteers (prospective pet owners themselves), and by using the Open Paw program in the animals' daily care, staff and volunteers model easy, animal-friendly training and management techniques to the visiting community. Thus, the very process of providing daily care provides practical education for prospective and existing pet owners.

Open Paw in Your Shelter
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